Professional Learning Excellence

Under LXG Solutions Professional Excellence vertical, the focus is on building human capabilities for fresh Diploma/Graduate/Post-Graduate students of various streams along with recently turned professionals working in MSME sector looking for professional growth, with value-added organizational tools and concepts that are used in day-to-day working at corporate world. These enriching tools and concepts are at the heart-centre of almost every organization today, which helps an organization to continuously improve the product quality and service level to remain competitive in the market and follow a sustainable development approach as a part of their long-term strategy. Today organizations are constantly looking for human capital which have strong professional capabilities and competency levels to achieve their said mission.

LXG Solutions has taken an initiative in line with the mission of Government of India to provide skill and vocational education to 300 million aspiring professionals by 2022 to make them more productive and thorough professional as required in the industry.LXG Solutions aims to contribute towards achieving the country’s mission by providing industry-aligned short term vocational courses for aspiring professionals looking for break-through with challenging job assignments in the reputed industries.

We offer these certified vocational courses at very nominal rates to ensure easy affordability for all with more emphasis on the quality content of the course to deliver thorough knowledge about the subject to the student. These courses are short term delivered with exhaustive study material, assignments, case studies and audio-lecture to equip the learner with thorough understanding and practical knowhow about that subject.

Some of the benefits of undergoing these industry aligned PLE(Professional Learning Excellence) courses are :

  • Increased professional competency.
  • Increased resume weight-age to get better paying jobs easily.
  • Professional advancement to take up value added roles in existing job.
  • Followed in manufacturing and service industries .

Professional Learning-Gap Assessment Exercise (PLAE)

At LXG Solutions, one can also undergo for his/her skill assessment for understanding and improving upon his/her weak areas in support with our team. The vocational course will be offered to the aspiring learner as per the improvement areas identified by our team. This will help the learner to rightly identify the gap and plug the same with the right course to immediately improve his/her professional worth for getting absorbed into value-added roles in the corporate world.