Process Excellence

This business vertical of LXG Solutions focuses on to bring excellence in the specific systems of the service and the manufacturing organizations such as Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, manufacturing plants etc. More specifically, it includes providing the organizational client with guidance and support about acquiring new certifications and improve the effectiveness of existing certifications in the field of Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Occupational Health & Safety Management System, Food Safety Management System, Schools Accreditation & Governance, Business Continuity Management System, Medical Device Quality System, Information Security Management System, Corporate Risk management System, Asset Management System etc. to name the few so as to reap the exact benefits from these management systems based on various national or international certifications.

Today, organizations worldwide have gain tremendous benefits while going for Process Excellence which has not only improved the businesses top and bottom line performances but have also improved their customer satisfaction scores, operational efficiencies, financial stabilities, mitigation of potential risks, brand value recognition and reputation enhancement.

The operational execution of process excellence is similar to our business excellence vertical. The client's requirements are well understood first, then assessed and finally recommended for action plans and strategic initiatives

Under this vertical, we also provide services specifically to financial management in the areas of pro or re-active audits, stock taking audits, business and employee related annual or monthly or quarterly mandatory Returns, financial counseling etc.