Our Process

Our process of guiding you for BOE is very simple so as to make you understand it fast and easy to implement. Our process is based on KEY Concept.

This key will open the door to success for your organization.

KEY Process

Process Steps include –

  • Assessment – It represents the very first part of key which establishes contact with the client in understanding its requirements and expectations from the business. In this stage, we assess the current state of business on proven parameters by involving business owners, top and middle management.
  • Analysis – It represents the levers of the key which is the most critical part of the key to establish the right tuning and confidence with the client. In this stage, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business on the said parameters.
  • Reporting – It represents the middle portion of the key which acts as a pillar to build upon the future action plan. In this stage, we prepare the report and share the key findings with client alongwith proposed action plan.
  • Action Planning* – It represents the first quadrant of the ring of the key where the action begins by the client in a step by step manner to achieve the success. In this stage, we support business owners and the management in deciding the action plan to fix the weaknesses and leveraging the strengths to scale up the profitability.
  • Implementation* – It represents the second quadrant of the ring of the key where client actually starts implementing the action plans as decided. In this stage, we support our client in implementing the finalized action plans at the client’s premises by understanding the existing processes to know the key deliverables to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluation* – It represents the third quadrant of the ring of the key where the business assessment is done again to understand the scenario after action plan implementation. In this stage, we evaluate the key business processes at the client’s end once implementation is done to understand the improvements and laggings.
  • Review* – It represents the fourth quadrant of the ring of the key where the assessment is reviewed and acted upon. In this stage, we share the key findings with business owners and management to decide upon the action plan for further streamlining and refining the residual weaknesses from the business available in the improved processes.

( * indicates optional stages – may or may not be opted by client. If opted, will be done at extra cost depending upon mandays and business scope).