Business Operations Excellence

“If you want to run a company that is sustainable beyond your life time, then yes, you should go ahead and adopt business excellence” --- Kenny Yap; CEO, Qian Hu Corporation Ltd; The first SME to win the Singapore Quality Award in 2004.

We know, it is very challenging for MSMEs into manufacturing and service sector to run their businesses efficiently and effectively due to many reasons such as rising input costs and operational costs, high employee turnaround, uncertain market; environment and social aspects etc. and out of the above, some are not really in the control of business owners. Thus, LXG Solutions understand the same in detail and have risen to the demand to guide such MSMEs in improving their business processes to achieve excellence.

Research on the overall benefits of using Business Operations Excellence Models indicates that organizations with a BOE (Business Operations Excellence) approach obtain significant operational and financial benefits. Also, research has shown that MSMEs obtain benefits more quickly than large organizations as they can move quickly to make changes to how their business is run.

Business Operations Excellence is “excellence” in strategies, business practices, and stakeholder-related performance results that have been validated by assessments using proven business excellence models.

BOE has a major impact on competitiveness and performance. While awards are important, they are for recognition and not the prime motivator for the majority of companies. The prime motivator is to “improve performance”.

Our Process